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Oh I loved this one too!

Fluttershy GOT TO DO SOMETHING. And between Flutterbat and Filli Vanilli, she's really redeemed herself this season. OK Flutterhulk sucked, but before S4 it seemed like she was getting to more of a weaker character - both the Iron Will and Taming Discord episodes were underwhelming though I love both those antagonists.


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I am so liking this season. <3
Late with this because I just watched it!

Aw man I loved this one.

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How good is this season? I'm glad Rainbow Rocks (as it is) isn't taking away from the writers/animators...

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aka the one with Weird Al... one of the best so far...

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...this one was leaked early! I did see it before the Hub aired it. The (tolerable quality) copy I watched was:

...though there is probably an HD version on YouTube by now
Two because while I managed to see 7 live when it aired, I have been lazy:

I was really looking forward to seeing the promised Rarity episode. (I'm pretty sure the way this season is going we'll get one for every pony.) And I was a bit disappointed when I heard 7 was going to be about Applejack and fruit bats...

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Pony toys Target haul

I got these a while back... San Francisco's has had a Target store since October and they have ponies! Not a lot though.

 photo targetponies3_zpsd1b2cd17.jpg

I hadn't really moved in yet and didn't open them. What's in the blind bag?

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